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What is Best of bing homepage quizzes?

Every week there is a bing homepage quiz if there is one day that you can’t access the quizzes you can check in the best of bing homepage quizzes sections.


There are many topics covered in the quizzes. Popular news, science, arts, games. You can search to find the one you want to play here.

These are the most popular updated sections:

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The most popular searches

To understand what people like and search more here we have the list of what is most searched in google thought its history.

90% of inquiries made worldwide correspond to the services of the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who today hold the positions of CEO and President, respectively. A whole monopoly that is not without curiosities.

Because, what are the most sought after terms of these twenty years through the platform?

From the well-known and feared effect 2000, through how you can dance, what is a selfie to the translation of love into different languages. Here we leave you the most popular searches.

1999 – What is Google?

2000 – What is the 2000 effect?

2001 – How do you tie a tie?

2002 – What is the most popular sport in the world?

2003 – What is the Human Genome project?

2004 – Is this year leap year?

2005 – How do you dance?

2006 – Is Pluto still a planet?

2007 – Neko Nabe (cats sleeping in pots and pans)

2008 – What is the Large Hadron Collider?

2009 – Translate ‘love’

2010 – How does Auto-Tune work?

2011 – When is the royal wedding? (Prince William and Kate Middleton)

2012 – Mayan Calendar

2013 – How do you pronounce GIF?

2014 – What is a selfie?

2015 – How to prepare an avocado toast?

2016 – When do the Olympic Games begin?

2017 – Images of adorable animals


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