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The Bing Art Quiz is a game about questions and answers related to the world of art.


Art is every form of creative expression that a human being can have. It is about expressing what a person feels through an infinite number of forms and techniques.

Art is the ability of a man to represent his feelings, emotions and perceptions about his experiences and his creativity. Commonly, the term art is confused with «craftsman.» An artisan is one who manages to reproduce multiple works and is dedicated to that, however, art is a unique work.

Throughout history, the word art has been spreading throughout the world in all its forms. In the past, when someone talked about art, they only implied some aspects of it, such as painting and drawing. Today this word encompasses much more than that.

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History of Art

The history of art is the evolution of art over time. Study the thought systems of each era manifested in painting, sculpture, architecture and other arts.
Ancient art includes the artistic expressions that flourished in Mesopotamia and Egypt. The emergence and development of writing, the course of prehistory to history, of mathematics, astrology, city-states, empires outlined a broad cultural spectrum and an impressive historical legacy.
Classical Art Installed by Hellenic and Roman cultures, it is an art that is defined as self-sufficient, perfect, symmetrical and aesthetically beautiful.
Medieval art takes place between the 5th and 15th centuries AD. C. It is divided into two periods: High Middle Ages (ss. V – X d.C. approx.) And Low Middle Ages (ss. XI – XV d.C.). It was characterized by the fragmentation of the Roman Empire in the West with the invasion of the barbarians and later with the arrival of Islamic culture towards the seventh century; for the search for the power of the Church through the Christian religion and for the feudal sociopolitical system. It is the stage where several cultures converge and with them the birth of artistic expressions of a marked religious character such as Paleochristian, Byzantine, Islamic, Pre-Romanesque art (High Middle Ages), while in the late Middle Ages the artistic consolidation in the West It goes hand in hand with Romanesque art and Gothic art.

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