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The Bing Education Quiz  is a trivia game from Bing about education stuff. Questions and answers related to general knowledge. You can play for free while you earn microsoft reward points.


Education is called the facilitation of learning or obtaining knowledge, skills, values and habits in a particular human group, by other people more versed in the subject taught and using various pedagogy techniques: narration, debate , memorization or investigation. Education is a complex process in the life of the human being, which occurs primarily in the family and then in the different stages of school or academic life that the individual transits (from kindergarten to university).

However, not only organized and compartmentalized knowledge of science and knowledge is education: so are local traditions, family beliefs or inherited modes of behavior. The end result of the educational process is uncertain, since the human being never stops learning, therefore, to change his behaviors and his precepts. However, the initial stages of life are considered crucial for the formation and education of the individual (both in formal aspects and in affective, citizen, etc.), since they will be responsible for the way in which the individual presents in adulthood .

This trivia game is about education and general knowledge.

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Types of education

Education can be divided into informal, non-formal and formal. Informal education is the life-long process by which each person acquires and accumulates knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding through daily experiences and contact with their environment. It takes place in an extracurricular environment (Free practice of artistic, sports activities and relationships between people). There are no curricula or direct accreditation.

Therefore, there is no direct assessment of such learning. The staff acting as an educational agent is not professional. It does not operate with typically pedagogical methods but, for actions of animation, diffusion, stimulation, promotion, etc. The contents correspond to the social urgency, depending on many factors. In general, the accumulation of informal education that a person receives throughout his life is enormous and not because it is not carried out in an organized manner should be taken away from importance.

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