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The Bing Premier League Quiz is a trivia game free to play about questions and answers related to the English Soccer Premier League. If you are a soccer fun you are gonna love this trivia game


The Premier League is the top category of the league of England football clubs.Known in the United Kingdom as The Premiership. It was founded in 1992, following the decision of the teams of the Football League First Division (until then the highest category of the English league) to separate from the Football League to take advantage of a lucrative treatment of Television rights.

The Premier League is made up of twenty teams in each season, but in a total of nineteen seasons, the title has been won only by four teams: Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea Soccer Club and Manchester United. Of these teams, the most successful is Manchester United, which has won the title twelve times (almost twice as much as everyone else together).

The tournament is considered by the FIFA International Football History and Statistics Federation as the strongest league of the last decade in Europe, surpassing the First Division of Spain and Serie A (Italy) that occupy the second and third place respectively.

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History of the premier league

The history of football is closely linked to England, although as we said when talking about the origin of football, the first similar sport emerged in China 2 millennia ago. However, modern football as we know it today was born in English lands, in addition to other variants such as rugby, which has a common origin.

Therefore, it is natural to think that the Premier League should have been the first football league in the world. Although this is not really the case, since the English league is only 25 years old. Its formation as such began in 1992, specifically on February 20, according to Wikipedia, at the gates of the 21st century. Although evidently its roots are much deeper. Let’s see how this story developed.

In 1888 the Football League was founded, the first official football league in history. It is very curious that, far from disappearing, in reality this league is still in operation, so this is the true historical league of England. It competes in England and Wales football teams, being considered the highest category of English football until the Premier League emerged.

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