Bing Quiz Patrimoine

The Bing Quiz Patrimoine is a free trivia game from Bing about the patrimone. It includes questions and answers to check how much you know about this topic.


This trivia game is about the french patrimoine.

Cultural patrimoine or patrimony  is the set of tangible and intangible assets, which constitute the inheritance of a human group, which emotionally reinforce their sense of community with their own identity and that are perceived by others as characteristic. Cultural Heritage as a product of human creativity, is inherited, transmitted, modified and optimized from individual to individual and from generation to generation.

This Heritage is subdivided into: Tangible Heritage – movable and immovable property – consisting of objects that have physical substance and can be preserved and restored by some type of intervention; they are those manifestations supported by material elements products of the arts, architecture, urbanism, archeology, crafts, among others; and the Intangible Heritage, which we will present in a separate section.

ILAM proposes as part of the Cultural Heritage, the COLLECTIONS of the heritage institutions that investigate, preserve and communicate movable cultural property (*) within the framework of specific disciplines or general themes such as art, anthropology, history, science and technology, among others.

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