Windows Spotlight Quiz

The windows Spotlight quiz is a game with a group of questions and answers related to the Windows Sportlight feature. You can play this trivia game for free and earn rewards from the microsoft rewards program. The these can be exchanged with prizes like amazon discounts.

One of the things that users of tablets, PCs and Smartphones increasingly appreciate is their screen lock, which has ceased to be a simple beautiful background to become a source of information, with which sometimes You can interact and improve our productivity, by needing fewer clicks or gestures to get the information we want.

Microsoft has taken another step in this direction with Windows 10 and has presented in the Build 2015 Windows Spotlight, a new «vitamin» lock screen, much more complete and beautiful than in Windows 8.1. It is a “smart” lock screen, that is, it will not be limited to offering us the information we use such as time, date, notifications and calendar appointment, but will also make suggestions to the user based on what he knows about it. )

To know more about this feature you can do the special bing quiz about it. You will learn many things you didn’t know.

You can access the Windows Spotlight Quiz here

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